A taste of authenticity

Indulging your senses with flavours of Istria

You can find out everything about the area you’re travelling just by looking into your plate. All about tastes and scents, about the people and their way of living. And by our plates, you can find out all about Istria.


Istria offers some of Croatia’s best foodie experiences, from truffles to olive oil and wine. Of course, being situated in the Adriatic sea, it is no surprise that is also full of super-fresh seafood.


Pršut is another essential part of traditional Istrian cuisine. This home-cured, salted ham is cut in thin slices and served as a starter. It usually comes with cheese, wine and olive oil.

For the meat lovers, Istria offers a real gourmet delicacy – Istrian ox, also known as boškarin. There are just a dozen restaurants in Croatia that serve it, and we’re proud to be among them. All the ways this high-quality meat of the Istrian ox is prepared are derived from traditional Istrian cuisine and are highly valued by modern Istrian gastronomy.


Traditional Istrian pasta also has an important place alongside numerous specialities and dishes. They are made of flour and eggs and prepared by the recipes of Istrian grandmas – pljukanci by rubbing between palms and fuži by cutting into strips cut diagonally and placed over each other. 

Truffles, pršut, boškarin, pasta, seafood – if you love food, you’ll be delighted with everything we stated, because the Istrian peninsula is a real gourmet paradise. And Malin is a perfect place to taste Istria in all its flavours.