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Food is in the heart of Istria, and in the heart of Medulin, you can find Malin – the new top spot for all food lovers.

Malin means ‘’windmill’’ in the Istrian dialect and is a symbol of Medulin. Built in 1872, it was the only one in the Mediterranean and people came from all over to grind their grain. 

Just like the windmill, we work with passion and energy to provide you the best experience. Knowledge is our wind, and grains are the local products we get from local farmers and fishermen. With respect to tradition, our young and ambitious team is sharing Istrian local cuisine recipes infused with a modern twist. Your task is to simply sit, relax and taste life in Istria. In all its flavours.

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We proudly support local fishermen and farmers. Utilizing the best ingredients, we slowly and lovingly prepare each and every meal – and that makes Malin’s food so delicious.

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Our Menu

Our cuisine is rooted in the Istrian kitchen – traditional recipes that celebrate the season and have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Beef soup
HRK 45

beef tail, vegetables

Fish soup
HRK 50

mussels, shrimp

HRK 40

cold tomato soup

Mussels 'buzzara' style
HRK 80
Mix shells 'buzzara' style
HRK 150

kaneštrele, mussels, scallop

HRK 90

white fish, rice chips, pickled red onion beads, Vermouth sauce, basil oil

Adriatic Tuna tartare, 100g
HRK 140

carrot, cucumber, rucola, citrus mayonnaise

Beef tartare, 90g
HRK 115

garlic sauce, toasted focaccia

Istrian platter
HRK 105/person

Istrian donkey sausage, Boškarin sausage with black truffles, Istrian cheese, olives

Scampi risotto
HRK 145

scampi tartare

Forest mushroom risotto
HRK 95

pickled mushrooms, cream cheese

Handmade pasta 'fuži' with beef steak
HRK 140

rucola, dried tomatoes, reduced aceto balsamico

Beefsteak, 250g
HRK 270

roasted peppers, potato sauce, juice, glazed carrots

Boškarin (Istrian cattle) steak, 170g.
HRK 250

potato espuma, romesco sauce, jus

Beef cheeks
HRK 250

cauliflower cream with truffles, pickled radish, black truffle leaves

Lamb chops in vegetable crust
HRK 225

Lička pole, smoked cream, burnt spring onions

Pork loin
HRK 125

glazed vegetables, flavored bass, carrot and peach puree

Sea bass filet
HRK 150

beurre blanc, leek oil, sauteed broccoli

Adriatic shrimps buzzara style, 250g.
HRK 300

creamy polenta, reduced aceto

Bluefin Tuna steak from the Adriatic sea, 190g.
HRK 280

green beans in sesame, white bean puree, garlic cream

Grilled scallops and monkfish
HRK 260

Roman gnocchi, pea puree

Kid's menu - Fried chicken / Bolognese
HRK 75

+ ice cream

Season salad
HRK 30
Focaccia with rosemary
HRK 15
French fries
HRK 25
HRK 55

cow's curd, almonds, figs in Teran wine

Brownie with hazelnuts
HRK 45

mascarpone cream, coulis forest fruit, laurel syrup

Watermelon sorbet
HRK 40

mint syrup

Fresh Ingredients

We use fresh local ingredients.

healthy meals

We are a part of the Slow Food Movement.


We offer a taste of Istria. In all its flavours.

Eating Well

We proudly support local fishermen and farmers.

We ordered different meals so we can try everything. Each meal had their own story, and I will definitely come back for this delicious food! If you can’t decide what to order, go fore some local fuzi (pasta) with duck or gnocchi with boskarin (cattle)! 🙂 We also tried the steak tartar and bream tartar, wasn’t that expensive considering the quality of food! The space is nicely decorated, has amazing view and also one big applause goes for the staff team!


This restaurant is really something else. We've tried almost all the meals from the menu and I can honestly say that one was better than the other. Their beefsteak tartare is the best I've ever had. And I've had some. Go give it a try! You will not regret it.


Best restaurant view in Medulin. The main Chef and the main Sommelier both used to work in Micheline-recommended restaurants. Second-floor view of Medulin port and sunset is beyond words. The combination of Classical and Mediterranean dishes is absolutely delicious. This is probably the only place in the Medulin harbor that can comfortably serve dinner even when it is raining outside. Simply exquisite. You need to take your wife/girlfriend here.

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Start with the soup

For a starter, try out one of the two soups. 

Carrot & ginger or the fish soup? Either way, you can’t go wrong – they’re both fresh and delicious, made exclusively from local ingredients.

Refreshing & light, they’re a real bowlful of summery delight.

Small Bites

Sharing is caring. Istrian platter is a grat way to try out various Istrian specialties with your loved ones – with a glass of good wine. 😉

Istrian platter take apetizers to a whole new level of delicious. Designed for long chats and lots of laughter with friends and loved ones, these small bites will have you enjoy Istria in all its flavours. They’re perfect if you want to try out various specialties that Istria has to offer.


Istrian tradition

Pasta in Istria is made today as it was then – with great skill and lots of love.

Istrian pasta is made of flour and eggs and prepared by the recipes of Istrian grandmas: pljukanci by rubbing between palms and fuži by cutting into strips cut diagonally and placed over each other.

If you love pasta, you’ll be delighted with the Malin menu, because you’ll get to try some of the best pasta recipes on the peninsula. Yum!

Main dishes

The very best of Istria try out authentic local specialities with a modern, upscale twist.

Our wish is to introduce you to a remarkable world of flavours and scents typical for this part of Istria.

Whether you are making a stop for a snack and a glass of wine or are looking to fully explore Istrian traditional cuisine through a multi-course experience, we’ll provide you with a memorable gastronomic experience.


Don’t forget to save some room for our delicious desserts!

Istrian curd with figs cooked in wine, brownie with hazelnuts, or Malin’s kiss, the signature dessert? They all sound so good. When it’s too hard to decide, it’s probably best to try them all! 🙂

Kid's Menu

Of course we’re thinking about our smallest guests.

We know what kids love and we love to cook for them. Fried chicken, or bolognese – a perfect combination for a happy meal.

And of course, ice cream to top it all. 🙂

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creative and talented

Our Chef

Gastronomy is in the heart of our chef, Filip. A commitment to local tradition coupled with a desire to have fun and offer excitement – and you get creative dishes with bags of wow.

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knowledge behind the brand


Our love and passion for food has led us to many discoveries which ultimately became our knowledge. We want to share this knowledge with everybody that feels the same as we do – inspired and amazed by local food and culture.