Istrian Wine: Poetry of taste and fragrance

Istria is blessed with the perfect climate and terrain for winemaking. Pair that with crafty winemakers and you’ll get authentic natural wines made with expertise and passion.


Regarded as the absolute queen of Istrian vineyards, Malvazija is the most widespread white grape variety in Istria. It is one of the oldest and best known autochthonous grape varieties in Croatia.

Istrian Malvazija is typically described as a well-rounded, harmonious wine with a notable fruity and floral character.

Malvazija wines are very food friendly: they are typically enjoyed with a number of light pasta dishes, seafood, and white fish, but they also pair well with various desserts.


The most popular local red is Teran, a rich, robust ruby-red wine, with strong acidity and tannins, and hints of wild berries and pepper.

This Istrian giant among wines has come a long way from the wine of Istrian farm workers and domestic households. Today he is making name in the wine world by winning best wine awards all over the planet.

Traditionally it is paired with the fragrant Istrian truffles, game and different red meat dishes, but also prosciutto and aged cheeses.


Rich red iconic Istrian wine, Refošk, enjoys the reputation of being the enfant terrible of Istrian wines, and because of its strong, tannic flavor, you either love it or hate it.

It is dark ruby to violet in color and it has a pronounced fruity flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste and exudes a rich aroma reminiscent of cherries and black currants.

It is best paired with cured meats, especially Istrian game sausages, but also grilled red meat, and traditional dishes like boškarin with gnocchi.